Flowers can be a part of your everyday life with Lu Figueiredo!

The idea for the “Flower for our everyday lives” project came up to our flower designer after ten years of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events’ flower decoration have passed.


She started to wonder: why should we settle for being surrounded by flowers only in special occasions when they should be a part of our everyday lives?


That’s when the Lu Figueiredo bouquets came to life. They were designed to be the perfect home decoration on a daily basis while being completely affordable.

Each bouquet is unique and special! They are all handcrafted in order to have different characteristics. You can find two similar bouquets but they will never be exactly alike. They all have an unique personality as well as the people who buy them.


The bouquet's selected flowers mix changes everyday, so the client can experience a variety of flowers combination much bigger than in an ordinary arrangement.

Our flower designer also prepared a little treat for her customers! Inside every bouquet package is a step-by-step guide to inspire and teach them how to use the bouquets to create different flower arrangements and make the best out of the power of the flowers.