"Why should we settle for being surrounded by flowers onlyin special occasions when they should be a part of our everyday lives?"


The year was 2006 and Lu Figueiredo had just completed two courses about flower design, one in the Iberoamerican Floral Art School and the other in the Dutch Boerma Instituut. She had also taken some specific courses given by illustrious belgian florists about brides’ bouquets. Her head was full of new ideas and she could feel in her heart a great desire to put everything she had learned to test. So she opened a small flower decoration company in Rio de Janeiro, which she named after her.


Ten years of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events have passed when she started feeling that she wanted more. She began to wonder: why should we settle for being surrounded by flowers only in special occasions when they should be a part of our everyday lives?


The carioca knew there was much more about flowers than just decorating events. She understood that flowers had the power to heal and to bring more happiness to everything and everyone in their surroundings. She just needed to expand her portfolio to bring this power to people. That’s how she came up with the perfect way for her costumers to decorate their house on a daily basis without spending much money for that: a small bouquet made with the most fresh and delicate flowers.


The public absolutely loved the new product! It was a smash! As a response to this reaction, the Lu Figueiredo company started selling different natural flower arrangements for every occasion, alongside with the everyday bouquet and the service of flower decoration for events.



Our Mission:

We want to inspire people to surround themselves with flowers every day.

Our Vision:

We want to be Rio de Janeiro’s reference in flower arrangements.

Our Values:

Costumer orientation: we work to please our costumer. We’ll only be happy when they are!

Promise of quality: all of our flowers are fresh and handpicked so we can offer only high-quality arrangements.


Excellence in flower design: our designer dedicates her excellent taste in flowers and all of her years in the business of decoration to create the most beautiful arrangements.


Ethics: we believe it is possible to go further doing what is right and that ethics should be with us no matter what path we take.